About us & Solutions

Sankyo Shoji responds to customer’s request by utilizing our comprehensive strength, knowledge, and experience.



Do not know where to consult? Do not know how to deal with it? We can solve it !

For example …
・There is no stamps or name plates, and can not figure out which manufacturer it is.
・Because it is an old product, the manufacturer does not exist and do not know where to contact.
・It breaks often no matter how many times it is fixed. Necessary to investigate the specific cause.
We can solve these problems.
We offer most suitable solutions to your problems. If you have an unknown products, we can investigate them and offer the same or equivalant product. In some cases, we can send a superviser to sites for investigations and repairing work. We have several staff who speak English at our sales office in Osaka. Please contact us by email and telephone. We can have web conference as well.